Holding International Halal Dialogue 2023, BPJPH Encourages Harmonization of Global Halal Standards

25 October 2023 - 17.02

Holding International Halal Dialogue 2023, BPJPH Encourages Harmonization of Global Halal Standards

Jakarta (Kemenag) --- The Halal Product Assurance Organizing Body (BPJPH) of the Ministry of Religious Affairs is again holding The 5th International Halal Dialogue (IHD) 2023. This annual activity is part of the 10th Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF) 2023 organized by Bank Indonesia.

IHD 2023 carries the theme "Establishing New Market Opportunities from ASEAN to Global Halal through Cooperation and Harmonization of Halal Standards". The Head of BPJPH Muhammad Aqil Irham hopes that through IHD 2023 there will be harmonization of halal standards. According to him, this is important to do to encourage synergy in the development of the international halal market.

"The 2023 IHD Forum is part of the Government's efforts through BPJPH to take an important role in strengthening the global synergy on Halal Product Assurance (JPH)," said the Head of BPJPH Muhammad Aqil Irham, at the Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Wednesday (25/10/2023).

"This synergy is also one of the keys to realising Indonesia's vision of becoming the largest global halal hub in the world by 2024," he added.

IHD 2023 was attended by a number of halal institutions from various countries, associations, embassies, universities, researchers, academics, business actors and also halal stakeholders.


Aqil said that according to the theme, the IHD 2023 forum also aims to explore new opportunities for the halal ecosystem.

"Not only at the ASEAN level but at the international level, by focusing on strengthening JPH cooperation, one of which is through harmonization of global halal standards," Aqil continued.

He explained that halal certification in Indonesia has now transformed according to regulatory mandates, from being voluntary to being mandatory, and from being conducted by a community organization to a state authority. This transformation is certainly in line with the growing opportunities for the increasingly promising global halal industry. The halal industrial ecosystem is certain to have a significant influence, especially in the food, beverage, fashion, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, tourism, media and recreation, and financial services industrial sectors.

"Along with this, BPJPH is also playing an increasingly important role in carrying out education, facilitating, encouraging and implementing the acceleration of halal certification, and even encouraging the contribution of halal products to economic recovery and development by developing halal ecosystems and businesses which have enormous value." Aqil said.

The increasing world interest in developing the halal industry is also increasing. One indication of this is the increasing number of applications for international JPH cooperation from various foreign halal institutions to BPJPH.

"Currently there are at least 115 halal certification bodies from 40 countries that are applying for accreditation and cooperation in mutual acceptance of halal standards." Aqil said.


Aqil Irham said that there are at least four urgencies of the IHD 2023 event for BPJPH. First, through this global forum BPJPH can encourage increased global awareness to create better collaboration and synergy between various stakeholders at the global level.

"Second, the Indonesian Government's commitment to implementing JPH regulations, including the implementation of mandatory halal certification which will come into effect from 17 October 2024, which needs to be socialized to all relevant stakeholders, both at the national and global levels," said Aqil.

Therefore, the substance of the Law number 33/2014 concerning Halal Product Assurances and the Law Number 6 concerning Establishment of Government Regulations in Lieu of Law Number 2/2022 concerning Job Creation is an important part of the material presented at the IHD forum session.

"Third, BPJPH also has an interest in encouraging the strengthening of JPH synergy and collaboration internationally, especially through harmonisation of global halal standards. With the existence of global standards, it is certain that JPH international cooperation can be carried out more effectively and efficiently," he continued.

Fourth, BPJPH is also committed to not only speeding up the JPH international cooperation process, but also has an interest in ensuring that all international cooperation in organising JPH can be implemented concretely. Thus, providing real positive implications for increasing the industry and economic value of halal products which are carried out in a mutually beneficial manner. []


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